No Amplifier or Receiver?  No Problem!

No Amplifier or Receiver? No Problem!

When considering new speakers for your home you might assume you also need to purchase a new amplifier or receiver.   With powered (active) speakers this is not necessary.    The amplifier is built into the speakers and includes all of the modern connections needed including Bluetooth, Phono preamp, and RCA inputs.

The Triangle LN01A powered speaker is equipped with a built-in 2 x 50-Watt Class D amplifier. It incorporates bass and treble settings via remote control for easy sound optimization. LN01A includes a large input panel and offers the following: Bluetooth 4.0 APTX (equivalent to CD Quality), Phono input, Optical input, Coaxial input, RCA analog input and Subwoofer output.

Powered speakers can save space due to not requiring separate electronics. With phono preamp included, a turntable is all you need to start listening to vinyl in your home.


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