Product Review: Triangle Borea BRO2 Bookshelf Speaker

Product Review: Triangle Borea BRO2 Bookshelf Speaker

Speaker Reviewed: The Triangle Borea BRO2 bookshelf speaker with a 1" silk dome tweeter and 5 1/4" woofer.  

Overview: My goal when reviewing products is to focus on the sound of a speaker using different music sources and various electronics for comparison.  I will start off with my conclusions in the "Who Is This Speaker For" section to keep things straight to the point if you don't want to read the entire review.  I use tone controls for bass and treble plus the loudness feature most of the time regardless of the speakers being used.  I find it gives the sound added dynamics at lower listening levels.  I normally keep the volume near 80 decibels, measured with the Sound Meter smartphone app.

Who Is This Speaker For? I believe this speaker is for someone looking for an overall warm sound with detailed midrange including vocals.  The 1" soft dome tweeter is smooth and did not sound harsh at any point during my review.  This speaker should not cause any listening fatigue at normal listening levels.  The bass is well balanced and did not sound boomy or thin at any point.  This speaker can play loud (above 90 dB) and maintain its clarity all areas.   

Notes & Review: Triangle recommends using the BRO2 in rooms up to around 215 square feet.   I mention this because it is very important and often overlooked by potential buyers.   The first room I tested in measured 111 sq. ft.  I connected the speakers to a Sansui AU-217 (1978) integrated amplifier and a Sony DVP-5330 CD player for testing.  I settled on a bass setting of +3 and treble setting of +3. I also like the richer sound of having the loudness switch on. I listened at an average level of 85 db. In this space the BRO2 filled the room with sound from every angle.  The soundstage for this speaker is wide and you do not need to be seated dead center to hear all of the details in the music.  Room treatment can come into play, but I don't plan to cover this in depth for this review. This room has adequate wall treatment for testing.  The bass was full and did an accurate job.  The midrange was revealing and had excellent clarity.  The treble was full and dynamic without being harsh or fatiguing. 

Room 2 measures 340 sq. ft. with a vaulted ceiling.   The electronics used were an Onkyo TX-SR494 AV Receiver.  I streamed Tidal via Bluetooth and used CD's with a Sony CD player.  The BRO2 did a great job with similar results in this area.  I choose to use the Music Optimization feature which I suspect is Onkyo's take on the loudness button.   The bass was not as big compared to the small room.   I see why Triangle makes a point of putting room size recommendations in their spec.   If you add a subwoofer, I believe you will be very happy with the overall result.  If you prefer two channel music without a subwoofer, you might consider the Triangle BRO3 bookshelf speakers or the BRO8 floor standing speakers.   These speakers will be reviewed in the near future. I do not generally sit in one spot for long, I like to get up and walk around.   This speaker has a very wide sound stage and projects sound very well throughout a room this size.   Other brands previously tested in this room have not accomplished this very well.   This speaker would do a great job for front and surround speaker for home theater. 

Conclusion: The Triangle BRO2 is a well-balanced dynamic speaker.   I found that it worked well with multiple sources.  I actually tested these speakers with additional electronics but wanted to keep this review as short as possible.  I also used multiple CD's and streaming music for testing but decided not to triple the length of this article by including all the details. 

If you would like to discuss this speaker or send me a question, please feel free to email me here.  Contact Info – Rockin Audio Products


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