Speaker Postion

Speaker Postion

Speaker position is a very important step when setting up your HiFi equipment.  This is a process that should be fun and will help you understand how room measurements and speaker position can help achieve the best sound for your home. 

I will share my office measurements for reference.  I have found that a small room with 9 ft. ceilings is much easier to dial in compared to a large room.  This room pictured below is roughly 111 sq. ft.  The Triangle Borea BRO2 speakers pictured have a 5.25" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter.

The speakers are positioned 3 ft. from the side walls, 7 inches from the back wall, and 40 inches apart from each other.  The tow in is approximately 5 degrees.   This position produces a large sound stage with vocal imaging in the center of the speakers above the amp and cd player.  If your room is larger, you will likely see better results using larger woofers or floor speakers with multiple woofers.

Here is a document provided by Triangle with measurements converted to feet and inches.

Here is another document provide by Q-Acoustics:

These measurements are only guidelines or "Rules of Thumb" to get you started.  Have fun moving your speakers around and changing the height as well if possible.   Some speakers are capable of producing a very tall vertical sound stage as well.


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