Triangle Borea BRO3 Bookshelf Speaker

Triangle Borea BRO3 Bookshelf Speaker

Speaker Reviewed: The Triangle Borea BRO3 bookshelf speaker with a 1" silk dome tweeter and 6.5" woofer.  

Overview: My goal when reviewing products is to focus on the sound of a speaker using different music sources and various electronics for comparison.  I will start off with my conclusions in the "Who Is This Speaker For" section to keep things straight to the point if you don't want to read the entire review.  I use tone controls for bass and treble plus the loudness feature most of the time regardless of the speakers being used.  I find it gives the sound added dynamics at lower listening levels.  I normally keep the volume near 80 decibels, measured with the Sound Meter smartphone app.

Who Is This Speaker For? This speaker is for someone looking for a slightly warm dynamic sound with excellent bass punch and midrange clarity.  Some speaker companies claim to be "Dynamically Balanced" but fall short of this due to various reasons.  Some speakers also sound decent at low volumes but break apart at higher volumes.   The 1" silk dome tweeter puts out a very clean and crisp sound without being harsh or fatiguing.   This speaker can play load and still remain dynamic and clean.

Notes & Review: Triangle recommends using the BRO3 in rooms up to around 323 square feet.   I mention this because it is very important and often overlooked by potential buyers.   The first room I tested in measured 111 sq. ft.  I connected the speakers to a Sansui AU-217 (1978) integrated amplifier and a Sony DVP-5330 CD player for testing.  I set the bass setting at +2 and treble setting of +2. I also like the richer sound of having the loudness switch on. I listened at an average level of 84 db. In this space the BRO3 sounded really big and did a great job of covering the entire room with balanced sound.  The soundstage with this speaker is very wide and well defined.   The bass was punchy and dynamic.   The midrange was excellent and had very good detail and clarity.  The treble was full and clear without being harsh or fatiguing.   

The second room I tested in measures 340 sq. ft. with a vaulted ceiling.   The electronics used were an Onkyo TX-SR494 AV Receiver.  I streamed Tidal via Bluetooth and used CDs with a Sony CD player.  The BRO3 fit this room very well and had no problem filling the room with dynamic sound.   I use the Music Optimization feature which I suspect is Onkyo's take on the loudness button.  The bass was well suited for a room this size and sounded big and balanced when listening to two channel music.  If you want the deep impactful bass that you can feel when listening to music, you might consider a subwoofer.  For home theater systems, I would recommend adding a subwoofer as well.  

Conclusion: The Triangle BRO3 is one of the most well reviewed speakers in this price range.  Now I understand why What HIFI gave this speaker 5 stars.   It was an overall excellent speaker that shines with multiple sources and various electronics.  I had a fun time reviewing this speaker and found myself going back to my favorite CDs to see how they sounded.  I listened for hours and noticed a lot of subtle details in the midrange area that are commonly missing from some speakers.   I might add a part 2 or update this review later if anyone is interested in the music I use for testing.  I did my best to use multiple music genres.  

If you would like to discuss this speaker or send me a question, please feel free to email me here.  Contact Info – Rockin Audio Products

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